About Us

STROMAG provides the North American market with customized feeder bowl solutions and service – including vibratory feeder bowls, horizontal in-line feeders, hoppers, incline conveyors, blow feed systems, conventional or robotic pick and place machines and clip insertion machines.

We have been solving unique vibratory feeder bowl system challenges since 1975.

For 40 years, STROMAG has been providing custom vibratory feeder bowl systems, horizontal in-line feeders, hoppers, incline conveyors, blow feed systems, conventional or robotic pick and place machines, clip insertion machines and more to the North American market.

Ours is a total engineering approach.

Solid Works

We utilize both AutoCAD and Solidworks as tools for design and development of our vibratory feeder bowls and other products. With Solidworks, we are able to decrease design time and increase accuracy by eliminating error and unknowns using 3D models and dynamic movement to simulate operation. As more manufacturers use 3D design to develop entire assembly lines, we are able to support them by supplying complete models that can be inserted into their assemblies. It also helps us to convey concepts thoroughly, reducing possibilities of misconception.

Our experience can help streamline your automation process.

We are confident our many years of experience building vibratory feeder bowl solutions, horizontal in-line feeders, hoppers, incline conveyors and blow feed systems can be effectively brought to bear on your company’s automation opportunity, from both a design and execution perspective. We know our business and how to interpret it for yours.

Our custom design/build for stand-alone automation cells can solve your challenges.

Vibratory bowl feeders or systems needed to orient, assemble, insert, drill, tap, index or gently transport parts while controlling noise are all applications that can be solved by STROMAG’s custom design/build stand alone automation cells. Customers wishing to load and orient a wide range of complex parts are consistently satisfied when our years of experience are applied to meet the challenge.

Our Project Management Team ensures you know where your project stands.

A dedicated STROMAG Project Manager provides regular weekly updates on project status to avoid unwanted "surprises." We don't wait to react we tell our customers where their project stands until complete.

Turnkey NAFTA eligible North American cross-border shipments mean less hassle for you.

STROMAG has a strong preference to purchase NAFTA eligible components purchased for 100% NAFTA built quality. Our logistics and brokerage partners ensure smooth import of purchased components and export of completed STROMAG vibratory feeder bowls and other machines seamlessly across the border.

Customers come to us from a range of industries.

Our customer base for vibratory feeder bowl solutions is diverse and cuts across many industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic, hardware, horticulture, agriculture, aerospace, telecom and many more.