Workplace Safety Group - Your Partner in Safety Success

We provide access to various health and safety services and programs

Full-Spectrum Safety Resource Services

With Workplace Safety Group you have access to an extensive range of occupational health and safety services, training programs and consulting that provide you with short and long-term solutions to occupational health and safety challenges. Our services range from traditional consulting, including Training Assessment Needs, Resource Acquisition, Hazard & Risk Assessment assistance, to more advanced consulting needs including safety audits, effective safety management plans, and a mobile OH&S management system.

Meeting Ministry of Labour Compliance

It is required that owners, managers and employees stay up-to-date with safety knowledge and training to meet Due Diligence preventive actions.

WSG helps guide companies to achieve sustainable workplace health and safety through short and long-term initiatives that meet MOL compliance.

Experienced Facilitators

There is more to successful safety training than just presenting the 'data'. Our training facilitators are among the best in the industry, able to distill complex information into meaningful learning. In our courses, participants learn what they need to know and, come away remembering what they learned.

Guaranteeing Workplace Safety

A safe workplace is guaranteed where everyone - owners, managers and workers, respect safe work practices, and a healthy work environment. As a key partner, WSG expertise helps client companies compete safely, successfully, and profitably.

Take your safety to the next level. Please feel comfortable in contacting us by phone or email.


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