Hoppers, Incline Conveyors & Enclosures

STROMAG designs custom storage hoppers, straight wall hoppers, elevator hoppers and modular sound proofing enclosures to meet the specific needs of your vibratory feeder bowl system.

Hoppers, Incline Conveyors & Enclosures by Stromag

If efficiency and speed are to be prime considerations in your vibratory feeder bowl system, then the function of storage should be separated from orientation.

Our storage hoppers maintain a consistent supply of parts and reduce frequent handling of parts, thus saving operator time.

Hoppers are an economical, efficient medium for the automatic handling of a wide variety of parts large or small.

Storage hoppers by STROMAG, straight wall hoppers and elevator hoppers are all custom designed to meet your needs.

Incline Conveyors

Our custom incline conveyors can move parts from a standard load height of 42" up to a discharge height of 88" or more, helping you manage floor space issues.

Modular Sound Proofing Enclosures

Sound Enclosure

Customized modular sound proofing enclosures adapt to any size old or new vibratory feeder bowl, helping to keep noise

to a minimum and safety to a maximum.

Standard enclosure sizes are available and custom enclosures can be developed to meet your requirements at STROMAG's completely equipped machine shop and building facility.