Vibratory Feeder Bowls & Inline Feeders

STROMAG designs and manufactures quality custom vibratory feeder bowls & inline feeder systems for virtually any application in North America.

Custom Vibratory Feeder Bowl Systems

Vibratory feeder bowls meet the need for applications requiring maximum versatility for inline parts orientation and gentle handling.

The pulsating action of vibratory feeder bowls moves the parts up and around the spiral track as custom orientation devices select the proper discharge position.

A wide range of available sizes permit the automatic processing of parts for an entire production shift.

Vibratory bowl feeders are fabricated from 11 Gauge stainless steel, mounted on 60 and 120 cycle drive units. Sizes range from 6" diameter to 36" diameter, and are constructed to suit your feeding needs.

Over the years, we have become experts at providing custom feeder system solutions for both simple and problematic parts.

Send us your sample parts and we will get back to you with an effective vibratory feed bowl system solution.

Inline Feeders

Where a conventional gravity track system might fail, STROMAG inline feeders with extended track sections will facilitate proper part placement into complex assembly equipment.

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For examples of custom inline vibratory feeder bowl systems design, please take a look at these case studies: