Project #218 – Bushing Feeding System

Our Client  

The company is a tier one automotive parts manufacturer of both light and heavy duty suspension components and assemblies. 

Their suspension assemblies are used in numerous vehicles built by the top three car manufacturers in North America. 

Project Requirements 

Starting with a robust feeder bowl is a heavy duty transfer and lubrication system dedicated to orienting and feeding lubricated, rubber/steel bushings to separate assembly operators on demand. 

Each individual bushing is extremely heavy, not user friendly, quite costly, and easily damaged due to over lubrication. 

The lubrication processes are vital to the assembly of the bushings, thus over lubricated bushings are irreversibly damaged and must be scrapped accordingly. 


Bulk bushings are dumped from the pre-feed system onto several metering conveyors and then into a standard vibratory parts feeder. 

Bushings are oriented and transferred inline to a lead part diverter and are then redirected towards the assembly operators. Bushings are fed through a lubrication system where a metered volume of lubricant is automatically applied to each individual bushing. 

Operators manually draw a lubricated bushing from a presentation point and the assembly process is commenced. 

Our Success 

To this client STROMAG has been able to provide an ergonomically friendly, heavy duty and robust piece of feeding equipment that currently runs two shifts per day, seven days per week. 

Production has significantly increased, down time reduced, and scrapped parts virtually eliminated. 

The recent sales increase in this product will require a second duplicate feed system to meet the growing demand.


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