Project #347 – Clip Insertion Cell

Our Client  

The company is a tier one automotive parts manufacturer of both light and heavy duty automotive frames and structures. Their frames are used in numerous vehicles built by the top three car manufacturers in North America. 

Project Requirements

“Drilling and tapping are thought by some to be processes of the past. Both are time consuming, extremely costly, labor intensive and conducive to constant quality issues.” 

The introduction of speed clips, J-clips and push nuts prove to be cost effective but the required manual assembly can be labour intensive and quality issues are still a concern. “STROMAG, can this process be automated?” 


Our standard vibratory feeding and material handling equipment is used to orient and feed either single or multiple clips to a pneumatic escapement system. 

Clips are then blow fed to the automatic insertion tooling and inserted on demand. Part presence sensing and clip retention sensors are used to qualify each assembled piece. 

Completed parts are checked for quality and are identified for tracking purposes. 

Our Success

STROMAG has been able to provide many stand alone work cells to this client. Each dedicated work cell is capable of orienting, feeding, and automatically inserting single or multiple speed clips and/or push nuts per cycle. 

Production has greatly increased and labor costs have been reduced. Our quality assurance features eliminate the threat of “bad” parts falling through the cracks and reaching the car manufacturer.


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