Project #355 - Clip & Nut Assembly Cell

Our Client  

This longstanding client is a well known manufacturer and supplier of hose fittings, tube clamps and numerous other hose hardware. 

Their products are common and can be found in many of our everyday living utensils, from our vehicles to our refrigerators. 

Project Requirements

This simple three part assembly was previously shipped to the end user in a separated state, where the end user would manually assemble the components at his facility. This manual process is both time consuming and costly. 

The end user required these separate pieces to be received as a completed assembly, held to tight company specifications. “Bad” parts would not be accepted, resulting in the return of the whole shipment at the client’s expense. 


Standard STROMAG vibratory feeding and material handling systems are used to orient and feed the individual components to a common assembly point. The lead part from each feeding system is laterally escaped and held in position for assembly. 

The nut is pre-loaded onto the located stud and a pneumatic driver is used to thread the nut home. Mechanical gauges and position sensors are included to ensure that the nut has been assembled to the correct depth. 

Bad parts are automatically ejected from the assembly cell while good parts are collected and shipped to the end user.

Our Success

We have provided this client with a stand alone, dedicated piece of automated machinery that automatically assembles and qualifies clips and nuts. 

This unit currently runs two shifts per day, seven days per week. This unit assembles quality parts at reasonable rates and also separates good product from bad. Production is up and quality is guaranteed on each part that is shipped to the end user. 

STROMAG has been able to provide this client with quality vibratory and automated assembly equipment for many years. 

We are on their preferred suppliers list for all vibratory and materials handling equipment. We also work hand in hand with many of their preferred suppliers and machine builders.


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