Project #392 – Molded Plastic Assembly

Our Client  

This growing company sub-assembles large volumes of molded plastic parts of various profiles and sizes. They provide world class assembled components within strict company specifications to many North American liquid filling companies. 

High production volumes and quality are vital for this company to succeed in their highly competitive market.

Project Requirements

A fully automated stand alone machine dedicated to assembling up to three million molded parts per year. 

Each part must meet strict assembly requirements and pass a series of quality checks prior to shipment to the end user. Bad parts must be ejected from this unit and collected separately for evaluation.


Our standard vibratory feeding and materials handling equipment is used to orient and feed the various molded plastic parts to an indexing assembly dial. 

Prior to assembly, components are qualified for assembly and bad parts are automatically ejected from the system. Good components are indexed through the assembly process and assembled as per specification. 

These assembled parts pass a final inspection and are checked for part presence, insert depth, and screen integrity.

Our Success

To this client STROMAG has been able to provide a reliable, fully automatic stand alone machine capable of exceeding requested production rates. 

We have achieved part quality standards previously deemed unattainable and given this client a competitive edge in the world market.


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