Project #189 – Pan Feeding System

Our Client  

This long-standing client is a world leader as a supplier and manufacturer of cosmetics and cosmetic apparel. Their products are well known and can be found everywhere in our daily living.

Project Requirement

Vibratory feeder bowls that were tired and under performing needed replacement with high speed feeding systems capable of orienting and feeding multiple configurations of cosmetic pans. 

Replacement systems must be fully adjustable to accept the many pan configurations, and able to interface with existing filling stations. Considerations for the introduction of future pans are to be included in the adjustable tooling. 


Our standard vibratory feeding equipment is used to orient and feed the pans to the existing filling station. The components that contact the pans are fabricated from stainless steel (304 L or equivalent) and require a high polished finish. 

Tooling features include removable scallops, where each scallop is dedicated to orienting one size of pan. Scallop mounting patterns have been standardized and “new” scallops can be introduced for future pan sizes. 

These units are also completed with a stainless steel and lexan sound enclosure that reduce the sound level to below 75 DBI. 

Our Success

Our client has replaced many of the original online feeding systems with STROMAG vibratory feeding systems stating that the STROMAG units are more reliable, user friendly and operator preferred. 

Changeover and down times have been greatly reduced and production has increased significantly. Our client is currently replacing several more units at other facilities and has sourced STROMAG as their primary supplier of this type of vibratory feeding equipment.


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