Announcing the Retirement of Gordon Potter

After 40+ years, it is with bittersweet emotions that we announce the retirement of Gordon Potter.

Stromag began in 1975 with Gordon as one of the founding owners.  In fact, the name STROMAG is an acronym of the 4 original owners and the ‘G’ in our name stands for ‘Gordon.’  In 2002 the company was sold, however Gordon’s loyalty to the company is deep-rooted so he stayed on as the Purchasing Manager and to oversee the projects.  He did take a brief retirement in 2009 when the manufacturing industry was at a low, but he came back the next year when business was in an upswing.

You can always find Gordon somewhere around the shop.  He is so dedicated he evens comes in on weekends when we are closed, just to check on things.  One of Gordon’s most important roles is as a Shop Liaison.  Always keeping the team on task and always available for questions and help.  His knowledge and expertise in our machines is immeasurable and his mentorship and fabulous sense of humour will be truly missed.  He absolutely is the heart and soul of Stromag!

We wish Gordon all the best for the future and hope he enjoys his well-earned retirement!