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With CMSIntelligence, you get world-class design, mobile-friendly website technology and the world's easiest content management system so your company has an industry-leading online presence and a web-based marketing tool that works!

Although your business is much more than your website, in today's digital world your website is the primary marketing tool for your business.

Your website should reflect the unique personality, brand promises or offerings, and credibility of your business – all in a manner that engages visitors and compels them to pick up the phone, send an email, make a purchase or visit your premises.

To get this kind of result from your website requires intentional, strategic thinking, as well as stunning and engaging graphics. When you work with the CMSIntelligence team, you benefit from 100+ combined years of experience in world-class website design, custom solutions programming and business growth consulting. Our team has experience, depth and a laser-sharp focus when determining what your online presence should involve.

Website Design & Content

We will work with you to identify your company's ideal target audience, using this information to create a website design with specific appeal to the identified psychological and behavioral profile.

The structure of our websites is always thoughtful and easy-to-navigate. It provides an engaging and intuitive experience for visitors. Three location navigation options (header, footer and sidebar) will address different audience viewing styles and all main content are accessible in 2 mouse clicks or less.

Once the design is approved, our team helps you strategically develop content that helps to improve user experience, as well as focuses on the necessities required to rank well with search engines (SEO). After your site launches, our free training and technical support will help your team with specific strategies for keeping the site dynamic for SEO purposes.

Responsive Website Design, Technology & Performance

All our websites are built using the latest technology (ie. HTML5 & CSS3) and are powered by a PHP back-end framework. Responsive website design will be integrated to provide a flexible layout that looks great and is optimized for desktop, tablet, and smart phone devices. All layouts are tested on current web browsers and will degrade gracefully for older versions (ie. IE8). Our enterprise-level hosting environment will ensure your website is always online, loads at lightning speeds, and is secured with scheduled backups.

CMS Platform & Website Management

Updates, changes and additions for our websites are managed using the CMSIntelligence Platform. This content management system provides an easy way to add fresh content to the website using simple (yet powerful) built-in Apps.

Take Your Online Presence to the Next Level!

We'd be honoured to talk to you about your business' website. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


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