Kinequip offers complete automation, air and vacuum solutions by taking customer relationships to a higher level.

That's because at Kinequip we know there's a lot more to distribution than delivering high performance components and products to our customers.

To assure all of our manufacturer's products perform as you expect, we go out into the field to make sure problems are resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

Very often, a problem doesn't involve our equipment at all, but we are willing to physically go on-site to help solve the customer's problem. We do this on a regular basis as our continuing service commitment.

Kinequip has been in business since 1946. For 60 years, we've been committed to becoming an active component in our customer's design, manufacturing and preventative maintenance process.

We help you develop a complete computerized parts list and stocking program so you'll always have the right part, exactly when you need it most. And we work especially close with our Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) customers.

We'll provide our components to your exact specifications and offer support down the line.


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